Lush is a brand that's putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to fighting the war on plastic usage. Its policies are definitely to be admired on its own products, where the brand is clearly committed to reducing plastic usage across its range – so that's why I find this pop up a little surprising.

I understand there's a huge movement at the moment for companies in the food and drinks industry – coffee especially – to reduce slash completely eliminate plastic wherever possible, and I massively support this.

But I feel that Lush adding its voice to the debate is a little 'me too' (and not that kind of #metoo, of course), when I feel there was a real opportunity instead for the brand to play to its strengths. Lush has the chance to show off not only its fantastic product range (for example, its shampoo bars) but also the amount of work the company has done in constantly searching for better, more responsible ways to continue to meet its customers’ demands and expectations. 

The key lesson for me in this is to play to your strengths as a brand, to continue to win the hearts and minds of your audience, and keep them coming back for more.