I know, I know… Open Banking again. But it’s the power behind so many of the FinTech - FinTech and FinTech - bank partnerships we’ve seen in the last few months, including Moneybox’s integration with Santander, Plum’s connectivity to Monzo and Starling, and Yolt’s connection to RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank. I know it’s a slightly hackneyed line, but it really is remarkable how far this landscape and narrative has come – from naked “down with the banks” placard rallies through the capital’s streets, to a sense that everyone is playing nicely together. Can it be true? Are we finally looking at an era of customer centricity?

The cynical might argue that it’s a case of ‘large battling to stay relevant to digital-first customers with snazzy offerings’, and ‘small attempting to turbo-charge customer acquisition’. A happy by-product, perhaps, that this leads to consumer benefit, though we mobile-phone wielding, socially conscious, flighty customers cannot be ignored. Consumers – to echo Paddy McGuinness’ famous (well, sort of) Take Me Out line – “The power.. is in your hands”.