What's more surprising - that 10% of households don't have online access or that half of smart phone users who access the internet don't know or don't have security?

Although the stats from the Office of National Statistics look at internet usage, how we access it and our security knowledge from a consumer perspective, this all has very real implications for businesses. Recent research from client Infoblox showed that there's a very real problem with employees (consumers) bringing their connected devices into the workplace. Many of these aren't appropriately secure and open a window of vulnerability into organisations.

Cyber security will continue to make headlines as the number of devices grows and our usage increases. What we need to see is the tech savvy consumer becoming a security savvy consumer. 

There has been a distinct shift in the business/security media from scaremongering to educational when talking about cybercrime and security breaches. It'll be interesting to see if and how the conversation shifts in the mainstream media to do the same.