The publication of The Holmes Report Top 100 Influencer List always makes for an interesting read. The backgrounds and opinions of the industry's top 100 in-house professionals is something every agency should read and take notice of. Indeed, I'd argue, every comms professional - whether agency or in-house - should sit down and read. 

There is a lot to mull over in this year's report. But as we at Hotwire continue in our bid to challenge the large networks, I'm pleased to see that only 5% of the top professionals use a global agency of record. The glory days of the owned global networks are over. Today it's about agility, local and regional domain knowledge, shared values and consistency. 

We've long argued the bloated behemoths of the comms world fail on all these counts. Brands today needs agencies that offer an alternative. Agencies that deliver value for money, measurable impact, practical creativity and a strong working chemistry. Hunger and passion feed this and challenger firms like Hotwire bring these to the table.

We operate in an environment of opportunity and it's great to see our belief in this supported by this report. 

But then I'm a biased :)