New data was recently released that shows viewability standards in the UK are still not where they should be. Philipp von Hilgers, managing director and co-founder of Meetrics said, "The UK market has historically been in last place for viewability, but optimisation measures are finally taking effect. Viewability levels for display are stabilising, and values are improving over the long-term. Nevertheless, the UK still has work to do to catch up with performance rates internationally.”

The minimum guidelines, as set by the Media Ratings Council, state “online ads are only deemed viewable if at least 50% of their surface appears in the visible area of browser for at least one second.” In the UK in the last quarter, just 58% of banner ads met this. While this level was maintained from Q1, it was still lower than the likes of Germany, France and Italy.

Viewability has been a huge industry talking point for the past twelve months and the debate will continue. Are other metrics more valuable to determine campaign success? Should viewability be standardised? Whatever the answer, one thing is clear; we need to ensure the UK catches up with the rest of its counterparts soon.