For any seasoned veteran of industry conferences, you’ll be familiar with the refrain “we’re on a journey”. It’s an oft-used term by communicators, often in reference to implementing challenging changes within their organisation or adopting new technology as part of the process. Inherent in the phrase is the notion that this is an ongoing process, with a destination at some point in the future.

The challenge with being “on a journey” can be – what if you don’t know what the destination is, or how much progress you’ve had, and have still to make, to your ultimate destination?

That is where AMEC’s Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3 or M-cubed, for you geeks out there) comes in. It’s been developed by a steering group of experts, and was announced at this years’ AMEC Summit in Barcelona, and showcased on an excellent recent Gorkana webinar which you can see here.

It’s about how you can put the existing Barcelona Principles and Integrated Evaluation Framework to work in a practical sense. M3 helps you to benchmark where you are on your measurement journey, and then understand how to move further along towards the destination of a fully-integrated marketing and communications measurement programme, which demonstrates progress against business objectives.

The tool will be available in November, and a pilot has been undertaken by a representative sample of organisations. By asking a number of self assessment-style questions, M3 helps communicators from these organisations to understand where they in the journey – are they at a “basic” level, merely counting outputs like volumes and impressions? Or has the organisation progressed to an “advanced level”, using measurement to inform planning, setting benchmarks across the PESO model, and reporting outcomes like brand preference, trust or advocacy. The destination is “fully integrated” measurement, using econometric or attribution modelling to demonstrate real business impact on reputation, customer retention or sales, amongst a range of other impacts.

We’ll be sure to keep clients of Hotwire updated on the progress of M3, and when it launches in November of this year. It will be a valuable to tool for helping our clients towards demonstrating the genuine impact that communuicaitons is having on their organisations. It’s early days, of course, and we’re on our own journey.