When I first heard of the Netflix effect, I assumed it referred to the way Netflix shows have the ability to keep fully grown adults completely glued to their couches for hours on end. I've been there - Suits, Vikings, and now Peaky Blinders - it's a never-ending cycle of show after show, addiction after addiction. 

However, this isn't the only cycle Netflix has instigated. The Netflix effect is now also being referenced in relation to the excessive volume of website traffic/bandwidth required to keep Australians entertained. Thanks to the likes of Netflix, downloads on the nbn have tripled in the last 3 years, and we can only anticipate this curve to further steepen moving forward. 

This has kick-started heightened conversations at the federal government level on how the nbn can withstand and support growing demand for internet services, which encourages the nbn and its competitors to develop faster and more efficient internet services, to allow for more streaming and downloads, which in turn will create increased demand... and the cycle continues. 

Though my addition to Netflix shows makes me resent its unbelievable success sometimes, I definitely love the way it has pushed internet connectivity and availability to the top of the government's agenda, alongside innovation and investment in infrastructure that enables smarter cities and more tech-advanced ways of conducting business. 

Now it's time for the government and nbn to step up to the plate, and prepare for the next major innovator.