Today, brand is more important than ever. As GenZ puts less emphasis on material goods and more closely align themselves with brands that share common values, companies who are not spending the time and resources in defining and delivering their purpose will lose out. Simply having a good brand will no longer cut it.

So, what actually makes a brand great? In our newest research report, The Pursuit of Greatness, produced in partnership with our sister research agency, The Leading Edge, we explored a question often asked: how do brands go from simply good to unquestionably great?

Our research uncovered five key attributes all great brands must embody:

  • Passionate vision: they are a visionary brand that challenges the status quo
  • Connected care: they care about the people they are connected to, be that customers, employees or suppliers
  • Active social change: their social responsibility echoes across everything they do and is much more than just lip-service
  • Celebrating origins: they applaud originality, are consistent and remain true to their roots
  • Human inspiration: they encourage and enable us to be better humans

As you can see, great brands go beyond simply having a quality product or defined personality, but rather go deeper in actively playing a role in society. Sure, this takes work – but when done correctly, the commercial benefits are plentiful… and measurable.

Download our full report, The Pursuit of Greatness, to learn more about how brands like BMW, Virgin, and Adidas have unlocked the five keys to greatness and how you can get your brand on the road to greatness too.