Written by Lavinia Haane, Senior Programme Manager at Hotwire

Adobe's launch of Attribution IQ on the first day of Cannes is yet another signal towards creativity and attribution working hand in hand. Creatives haven’t historically liked becoming heavily involved with data. However, they understand now that by tapping into data that details a consumers’ path to purchase, they can create more impactful and actionable campaigns. 

The Attribution IQ solution will remove reliance on first-touch and last-touch attribution, so brands can better understand overall consumer behaviour. It will use a set of ten models to capture the way in which consumers are influenced throughout the journey. As Trevor Paulsen rightly surmised “instead of seeing the first and last scene of a movie, brands can now access the full film.” 

These sorts of tech advancements simply supercharge the creative process and ensure that marketing budgets are not only spent wisely, but, deliver ROI and engagement from consumers. And the results speak for themselves and are celebrated with the Creative Data Lions. This is a category that launched a few years ago with Whirlpool winning the Grand Prix last year using data to keep kids in school.