I know I'm in the minority, but I confess: I don't like Nando's. Nothing about it appeals to me, and the one time I had it to try it, I wasn't converted. 

Regardless of whether I actually like Nando's or not, this cheeky bit of PR pushed out by Nando's caught my eye - an art gallery in a Nando's? Interesting. What I am keen to learn though is exactly *why* Nando's is doing it. Is it to try to appeal to a broader audience set? I understand this is the second year running it's doing this, but I just can't quite figure out why Nando's would sponsor artists in the first place. I like the 'Feast Your Eyes' play, I like that Nando's is trying to make art more accessible, but I still don't get the 'why'. 

Perhaps it's one to ponder over a peri-peri chicken.