I had the privilege of attending a roundtable this morning hosted by @InterCommsLGBT on the topic of identity politics. Chaired by the legendary @EvanHD, there was a fascinating discussion (under the Chatham House rule so I can’t give too much away!) on communications and the role of the media in a post-truth world.

But, it really got me thinking about the world we live in right now. Against a backdrop of economic fragmentation, the need to identify and belong to a community, is amplified. So what responsibility do we have as employers to provide that?

Do we develop a diversity policy that lives somewhere on the website, never to see the light of the day? Or, do we simply just ‘be ourselves’?

Enhancing diversity in the communications industry is something I feel strongly about. It isn’t just a nice to have. There are numerous studies that show that it also makes a lot of business sense.

But, you can only truly represent diversity if people feel it the minute they walk into our office. It’s a way of being, not something that we pay lip service to or put up on the website. And, that involves bringing your ‘whole self’ to work.

Whether its race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, background or even being open about mental health in the workplace, it’s about identity. Only when we create an environment where everyone feels that they can bring their whole self to work will we know it’s working. And, that’s about the brand.

If you’re interested in working for a place that likes people to be themselves at work, get in touch!