Adobe's decision to purchase Magento is a big moment for the digital commerce sphere. 

It makes sense that Adobe would want to expand its capabilities into the ecommerce space. It currently offers the software and analytics that brands need to personalise content and engage buyers but Magento's technology will enable the company to complete sales across both online and offline channels. 

This deal highlights the importance of driving direct sales from marketing and the value of being able to close the loop between marketing and ecommerce. Adding a transactional function allows Adobe to help brands across the whole marketing funnel. 

CMOs are under huge pressure to show how their campaigns are impacting revenues and they are increasingly partnering with the rest of their organisation to do this. Marketers can highlight their ability to influence purchase decisions and drive real business results. It will be exciting to watch how integration with Magento affects choices Adobe makes in the future and to see the competition heat up in digital commerce as the distance between digital marketing and ecommerce narrows.