As I was starting my first job in London, my Dad sketched a bit of a ‘money management’ structure out for me - on a napkin, in an Indian restaurant. With new incomings and outgoings to manage, it was a handy reminder that not all money is ‘spending money’ – there are fixed outgoings (rent payments, phone bills), must-buys (toiletries, food etc), ‘fun money’ (eating out, clothes shopping - important), and then short term savings (holidays and the like), and – (sigh) long-term savings. Your pension. This is by far the hardest one to get your head around in your 20s – and quite frankly, in your 30s too – it just seems so far off!

But the napkin of wisdom had spoken. So I have been diligently squirrelling some money away each month, complete with employer contributions, into a pot which I won’t be able to access until my PR days are done and my laptop is dusty.

It’s easy to understand this lack of engagement with a pension pot, particularly when it’s held in an impenetrable fortress, behind hard to understand, annually-delivered paperwork, and complicated charts. Not so now – new research from PWC highlights major demand for “technology-enabled information” among younger generations. That’s right – we want to see our pension pots! Live, all in one place – please. According to the research, 39% of employees said they do not have access to tools that provide online information about their workplace pension. 38% say they have never viewed their pension online.

Good news indeed for the likes of PensionBee, the online pension manager that helps you combine all your old lost pensions into one brand new online plan. Having announced a new partnership with Perkbox, the UK’s fastest-growing employee benefits platform, we’re looking at major employee empowerment. Access, visibility, and trust in a happy financial future.

FinTech has digitised the napkin.