Self obsessed agency types sometime forget the personal side of the business and perhaps overlook the simple fact that our clients have careers they care about. How often (or your agency) have you asked your client what they worry about or what might possibly threaten their professional success?

The good people at PR Moment have published a survey by Whitney Murray and The Pulse Business which takes some of the guess work out of the answer to those questions.  Interestingly, the number one concern that threatens 430 UK based communications directors was an inability to prove the RoI on the work they deliver. This stood at at 28% of the survey, followed in second place by dealing with a renegade C-suite at 18%

If that's the case, then we as agency partners need to share this worry and do more to demonstrate the value communications delivers to the business. It's a partnership -- what threatens the career of our client threatens the longevity of the agency relationship. There is a direct correlation.