At Marketing Week's Supercharged event this week brands took to the stage to explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can fuel positive brand experiences across channels. It was clear how valuable the data mined within an organisation can be to creating a superb customer experience.

In my view, marketers can be at the heart of this AI revolution taking place. Marketers are perfectly placed to drive this digital transformation because they are spearheading how the customer relationship evolves with their brand within their organisation. They are the person tapped into the audiences their brand is serving and understand the type of experience they now demand. 

The speed at which machines can provide information to solve a query are making the customer experience better and raising customer expectations.

Meanwhile, massive business value is created from continuous learning from customer interactions. Whether it's a chatbot powered by Facebook driving a faster and more efficient service like KLM or Ikea using AI to help customers visualise their products in their home, this technology is encouraging people down the marketing funnel to make a purchase and become a loyal because their experience was positive. 

It's a great time to be a marketer. There is a huge opportunity to make a measurable business impact on their brand by enabling data-driven approaches to customer interactions powered by AI.