Anyone in the UK PR industry would do well to take five minutes to review the results of the 2018 PR and Communications Census published by the PRCA. 

Overall, it paints an encouraging picture. The industry has grown 7% from £12.9bn in 2016 to £13.8bn today. The sector now employs 86,000 people - up from 83,000 in 2016. 

Worth noting is that diversity has improved slightly but the gender pay gap has increased by 3.2% which is a disappointment. 

My favourite topic of measurement highlights that progress is being made but there is still work to do as only 24% of the industry are using the Barcelona Principles as the preferred evaluation method. Worse still is the fact that 12% of practitioners still use the dreaded three word acronym that cannot be mentioned. 

For Hotwire, our technology specialism continues to grow and is the dominant sector in the survey with a growth rate of 29% - yippee! :)

As Francis Ingham, Director General of the PRCA says in the announcement - the industry is thriving but there is no place for complacency.