So research today reveals influencers are ditching Snapchat in droves for Instagram. Because Snap was slow in catering to what they needed - data - they’ve struggled to build a thriving community and business platform on Snapchat and have turned elsewhere to get what they need.

As a marketer who’s been promoting tech and innovation for 18 years I’ve spent most of my adult life championing the value of “first-mover advantage”. But Snapchat is now becoming a cautionary tale in disproving this.

It was only a few years ago that the big boys in Media and Ad-land were lecturing the industry that brands needed to develop Snapchat strategies to reach millennials or face getting left behind.

But Instagram was watching, and Instagram was learning. And Instagram”s strategy is now proving that first off the blocks doesn’t always win the race.

They’ve understood the value of the platform and quickly embraced those influencers who are creating with brands - providing them the data they need to make a successful campaign - story views, engagement metrics, daily reach and audience demographics. Snapchat only started doing this a couple of months ago!

Being first to market may get you fame and respect up front, but if you don’t match your innovation with what your audience wants you’ll eventually end up in last place.