I’m always horrified to hear that people’s CV’s get binned just because their names are not seen as the norm – the fact that in a society (and an industry) where we value the challengers, the game changers and the people who go against the grain, it seems ludicrous that just because someone’s name is challenging, they may not make it through to interview.

Is it arguably worse though, that we’re now turning to ‘blind recruitment’ – the practice of taking names off CV’s and solely using experience and education to make an assessment? Our names are something we carry with us for our whole lives, a core part of our identity and something we should be proud of.

As someone who’s full name is seen as different (I don’t meet a Samya every day), I have found that my name can sometimes go the other way, and open a door. People are always curious when something isn’t the norm, and I think the biggest issue we have is an education piece to challenge hiring managers across the industry to see different as beautiful.

How can we start to do this? I believe if we can begin to look at and understand our own unconscious biases, using tools such as ‘Project Implicit’ – Harvard University’s Unconscious Bias test, we can start to see a little more clearly; moving away from a need to put our potential new employee’s identities in the dark.