We have taken a look at the past week's news and topics across digital, social, brand and creative. #ICYMI, here is what we found noteworthy:

4 Deceptive Mobile Ad Tricks and What Marketers Can Learn From Them

Here's a fun activity for your Friday. Without reading the article, do you (1) think these mobile ad worked and (2) consider it as playing dirty? Share your thoughts!

  1. Placing a brown pixel on a bright pink background to look like a piece of dust.
  2. Placing a curved line in the middle of the picture to look like a piece of hair, again encouraging consumers to tap it.
  3. Using an icon of a new email message to encourage consumers to click on an unbranded ad.
  4. The only way to exit the ad is to click on a fake ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner, which pops open a link to download the app.

With a $0 Ad Budget, Tesla Just Pulled Off One of the Greatest Marketing Stunts Ever

Tesla isn't very big on advertising and but when they do advertise, they think of some pretty out-of-the-box and innovative ways to do it. Elon Musk's private space-flight company, SpaceX, successfully test lauched their first Falcon Heavy rocket into orbit along with the debut of their new Tesla Roadster, all captured via YouTube livestream. Typically a specificed weight in payload is required with the launch, so Musk opted to use his very own Roadster as the payload, allowing it to be the first car to launch into orbit.

Advertisers Must Keep Up With Cord-Cutters or Else Brands Risk Creating ‘Lost Generation’

Traditional broadcast TV networks have taken a hit with the shift from traditional coaxial cables to ethernet cables. However, like the newspaper, traditional TV will never really disappear. In fact, this forces traditional TV networks to think of new strategies in marketing to their audiences while taking into account price and convenience. 

Subway’s Bold Rebranding Campaign Promises a Different Taste for Everyone

Check out Subway's new “Make It What You Want” campaign, which includes an "anti-Subway" ad in an effort to appeal to Gen-Z. Personally, the ad strongly resembles that of an energy drink or GoPro ad but what do you think? Do they resonate with a younger generation?

In other news: