Business Insider recently published research showing mobile data will skyrocket 700% in the next three years. Mobile video data is on track to lead that growth by a landslide, 870% by 2021.

While consumers will continue to be flooded with video content, marketers will need to place emphasis on personalization in order to break through the noise and retain engagement. In tandem, the smartphone market is accelerating towards global adoption, presenting the challenge of delivering a holistic, omnichannel experience driven by mobile, at scale. 

Effectively leveraging personalized video in real-time through the use of first-person data, will prove to create tangible ROI for businesses. Computer manufacturing company Lenovo created a holiday email marketing plan targeting inactive leads who went cold in the preceding months, in the end, they were able to achieve a 4.5x increase in click-through rate and 400% higher open rates

Personalized video should be a balance of attraction and brand authenticity. Regardless, if your business targets the enterprise or is consumer-focused, your customers are people- utilize video to create valuable stories that resonate and the results will speak for themselves.