Writing on Cision's blog, AMEC CEO Barry Leggetter outlines his predictions for the coming year in measurement. 

Barry has long experience in the PR game and has been CEO of AMEC for the past eleven years so his perspective and global outlook should be taken very seriously. He's traveled the world being an ambassador for best practice in communications and evaluation and has probably the best overview of how the landscape is changing. 

The piece that jumps out at me and which I constantly discuss with the business, our clients and with prospects is data. I absolutely agree with Barry's point about it being a key agenda item these days. More and more of our clients start conversations with the data question. Having the right insights, the right analysis and using this intelligently is now table stakes when it comes to world class consultancy. 

Like many, I am bored of the AVE discussion and now refer to it "as the three letter acronym that shall not be named". It's all but disappeared and like a certain famous Dark Lord, we must all work together to ensure it does not regenerate and reappear. 

And with AI now on the agenda; an increased demand for data as part of communications; more discussion than ever about tying communications to business outcomes; and an increasingly educated cohort of practitioners, I see nothing but positives for measurement in 2018.