We're starting to think about planning for our new financial year (starting July 1st - yes, we start early) and as always, it's a time to map the world through the eyes of our clients . And for Hotwire, this means continuing to look at how marketing folks around the world are evolving to meet the increasing demands placed upon them.

I'm fascinated by the impact technology is having on the marketing function and how it is shaping the services companies like ours are offering to our global client base. Data is ubiquitous and as this blog from Scott Brinker  - author, Hubspot VP and academic - shows, the role of the marketing technologist has become mainstream. And as the amount of data increases and as AI and machine learning become every day technology, more and more decisions will be made based on the data companies have at their disposal. Hence why Scott's eleven habits of marketing technologists is so interesting to me.

For me, the communications sector cannot be left behind by this data juggernaut. Those who do not embrace the power of data in every facet of the service they provide will be left behind as brands move communication dollars into campaigns where results, impact and RoI can be tracked using data. 

Just look at the eleven traits that Scott outlines in his blog. All of them should be studied by any agency as the blueprint for what the future will look like. They define the customer we are looking to work with. For me, this confluence of art and science represents the biggest opportunity the communications sector has seen, We sit on the verge of revolution and it's being driven by data. 

It's down to us to respond and provide services that showcase the best our creative talent can deliver set against a rigorous backdrop of data and insights. Marry the two and the role of communications becomes aligned with the future. Fail in either one, and you're staring into the abyss. 

So take a guess at what we're using to build our business plan and service strategy for the year ahead!