There is a lot of industry discussion around two separate trends—storytelling and omnichannel communications. It gets really interesting when you think about the intersection of both. In a new white paper on 2018 Marketing Priorities by Incite Group, CMOs share their thoughts on how bringing these two disciplines together create better customer engagement and loyalty.

Emily Culp, CMO of Keds footwear company says, “As a marketer, a key idea for me is to think of almost every channel as a chapter. In a book you can experience a chapter, and it makes sense as a standalone piece of content, but if you actually experience multiple chapters together, you get a richer story.”

Continuing the storytelling analogy Incite does a good job explaining the difference between omnichannel and multichannel, which is often confusing. “And it’s worth pushing the analogy further, to differentiate omnichannel from its close cousin, multichannel, which should in this context be viewed as more of a collection of short stories, distinct from one another and unrelated, each to be judged on its own merit. Meaning that, while multichannel is the sum of its parts, in an ideal scenario omnichannel should be greater than the sum of its parts.”

As more and more companies invest in storytelling, they need to realize that not all stories are created equal. Applying smart thinking about which part of the story should be told through which channel will bear the most fruit.