The health tech scene is hotting up. A recent forecast suggested the world's annual healthcare spend will be nearly $9tn by the end of the decade. CES 2018 showcased many incredible innovations - and most of them were actually useful. And that's the point: Up until now we've generally played with devices which haven't provided long lasting impact. But we're now seeing a sea change, with entrepreneurs and enterprises alike thinking first about the real human need, then developing tech which solves that need or problem. 

Compelling medical devices such as the Omron HeartGuide, Samsung's Relúmĭno glasses, Oska Wellness and the NeoMano robotic glove are all examples of truly exciting innovations, and there are so many more in development. 

With so many negative stories about health in the UK, it's crucial that the stories of these innovations and the impact they're having on people are communicated to the world at large. 2018 is going to be good for your health.