My recent trip to UAE left me in awe of the growth and innovation happening in the region. Dubai boasts a sci-fi-like cityscape and everywhere you turn you see a constant drive toward digitalization. 

As I visited parts of UAE, I witnessed greater connectivity on mobile with Free Wifi everywhere – even on a safari! What's more, is the country's dynamic society, culture and tremendous purchasing power.  A hotbed for brands, and a digital marketers' dream! 

While there, I had a chance to sit down with Louay Al-Samarrai, who leads our local partner agency, Active DMC, to learn more about the local tech and digital marketing scene. In our conversation, we talked a lot about increased mobile consumption in Dubai, and a need to shift from text-based marketing to social media marketing, emerging from the rise of a more connected "selfie" generation.

Consumer marketing in Dubai means understanding cultural context and catering to diverse populations. With the amount of data and targeting available to us there is a vast-land of opportunity to establish relevance at scale and for personalized marketing. 

In fact, among top tech trends in the Middle East for 2018, ZD Net doubles down on one – audience engagement and the growth of brands through two-way communications with consumers.

Reading this article made me very happy because we couldn't agree more! Consumers are ready and its time to activate and engage those brand champions!