Almost 37 years ago MTV debuted, and video killed the radio star. Transforming music from an audio into a multi-sensory experience, MTV introduced and evangelized the visual image as essential to the experience. You can say this trend has continued across the decades, across mediums, resulting in a constant celebration of video as the ultimate form of content. And indeed, a visual, and especially a moving image can create experiences and evoke emotions like nothing else...almost. 

Pandora, in its Definitive Guide to Audio, gives fascinating insight into why and how audio, the oldest medium, is finding a new place in our digital landscape. Driven by changes in mobile technology and consumer behavior over half of Americans listen to streaming radio weekly; and a thirst for non-music content means that 41% of listeners choose podcasts as their form of audio content. 

For us marketers this means we have to seriously start considering radio, and audio as back on the map - and successful audio marketing as an area to master. Podcasting, streaming audio content,  and voice technology offers companies exciting opportunities to get cozy with their customers. But, the problem that brands face is intrusiveness. For radio, marketers had found the formula to deliver their marketing. In such an intimate medium as a podcast, however, it’s difficult to adopt an interruptive approach without irritating listeners. 

After branded content and branded video, branded audio could be the answer to this dilemma. What does this mean? It means giving brands unique voices (literally) and personalities that seamlessly weave into the audio experience of every listener; contribute to the personal experience. A tough nut to crack. That's why it is so interesting and an exciting time for brands and marketers. Stay tuned!