"I'm pretty scared each week," said the CEO who called to talk about what's going on in tech, politics and the overall business environment. He told me business was great, that wasn't what had him worried. It was that any issue, at any time could come his way and if he had any mis-step, it was his a%% on the line. From the board, to investors, to customers and employees. "I feel like there is little room for error." 

This was a conversation I had in late December, a few months after I'd written a piece for the annual World PR Report published by the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO) but it represents many conversations we're having with executives, boards and leaders. 

Knowing when and what to say, how quickly to move on an issue, who to align with and when to stay out of conversation are now business critical decisions that impact brand, valuation, revenue and employee retention.