You've heard me (and others) banging on here about Generation Alpha already. While it should seem like interesting research to everyone, for those of us with Gen Alpha kids, it's a world we live with every day.

To spread the word about how important it is for brands to get prepared for Generation Alpha, I wrote a piece over at Bulldog Reporter. You can check out the whole article here, but here are some of the insights that I shared:

Brain activities like memories will be outsourced to computers

How do we communicate if our target audience has neither the capacity nor desire for remembering facts? Change the game. Proactive communications campaigns will now have to entertain people, not educate, and keep them coming back from more. Don’t bother throwing facts at them as they won’t stick, instead focus on targeted placement that are persuasive, brief and show up highly on Google

The screen will have less and less importance

While we won’t see a complete death of the screen as a marketing channel, it’s clear that voice is going to be increasingly how people engage with consumer services and brands. While most brands now are on their way to creating Alexa skills, but brands will need to remember to build depth as well as breadth into their voice-activated campaigns—you can’t just set up a voice system and leave it, you have to be ready to answer follow-up questions.

Point-of-sale will become point-of-need

The most successful marketers will develop communication campaigns that won’t talk about their own brands, but instead answer to the in-the-moment needs of Generation Alpha. This audience needs to trust brands as a content provider and resource first, not that they’re being sold to. Building an emotional connection over time builds a personal relationship with the consumer so that the brand not only comes to mind when the consumer needs them, but is also already there.

The brands that will win with Generation Alpha will be ones that build an emotional connection over time. If you’re not seen as meaningful to this audience, then you may as well not exist. If you’d like to learn more about how you can future proof your business, read the full report here.