"Ain't nobody got time for that!" 

How often do you hear the phrase 'We need short and snackable content." or "People just don't have the attention span anymore. We need to publish short content." And much in research speaks to how our digital behavior leads to a lack of focus, the need for fast fixes, and isolated actions. 

In mid-October I wrote a piece stipulating that people's "short" attention span is more so a sign of the need for "attention discrimination" than it is the pure lack of paying attention. With a people-first approach in research, planning and measurement it is possible to remain relevant. Let's extrapolate that to your content creation process. 

In content creation it is our job to deliver complete, useful, and actually applicable information to our audience. Impactful content is not that which captures quick attention, but that which is able to survive the 'discrimination process' - the internal, quick judgement call, individual to each person. 

The trend of increasing blog post length - over the past three years the average word count by post has increased by 41% to 1142 words - taps into audiences' needs for impactful, valuable content. And no, this is not an isolated instance. Over 56% of bloggers see an increased ROI with long-form content of 2000 words or more. 

So, next time you hear that nobody got time for that, challenge yourself. Don't fall into the snackable content trap - but truly investigate what information needs to be communicated to pass the judgement test of your audience. 

Sometimes, less is more. But sometimes more is right. 

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