Somehow tomorrow marks the beginning of December. With Christmas and the end of the year quickly approaching, here are the three things non-profit marketers need to know this holiday season.

Donor Fatigue 

If you’re in non-profit marketing you’re both dreading and excited for the beginning of December as it is crunch time for fundraising. Unfortunately, you’re not the only marketer who’s using the holiday season to encourage giving. Almost every non-profit hosts a fundraising drive in December. This means that potential donors will be inundated by both physical and digital appeals. The onslaught of asks can be incredibly overwhelming and often leads to donor fatigue. In order to address this challenge, your fundraising ask will need to have a strong story and CTA. In addition, you’ll have to follow up with potential donors multiple times in order to cut through the noise. I’ll be addressing some tricks and tips for fundraising next week, so stay tuned for some last-minute tweaks you can make to your campaigns.

Writer Fatigue 

Having to write multiple appeals in a relatively short period can drain anyone’s energy. I know from experience that it always takes more time than I originally thought to write a fundraising message. Have you considered how your staff is coping with this stressful time? Two easy ways to address fatigue are to give writers enough time to reflect on their appeals and to schedule two rounds of review for any collateral.

            One of the worst feelings as a marketer is knowing that you have to turn something around without enough time to write it as well as you would like. In order to address this, make sure you tell whomever is writing your appeal exact dates and times that your messages need to go out. Additionally, make sure that your writers schedule in at least a day to put their work aside before editing. That space enables us to look at a piece with new eyes and move it from good to great.

            Scheduling in two rounds of review is also essential. No piece of marketing collateral should ever go out without a second pair of eyes, but end of year fundraising appeals should be even more carefully reviewed. Given that December is your last chance to fundraise before the new year, and given increased donor fatigue, you need to put your best foot forward. Scheduling in two rounds of reviews means that you’ll get all of the input you need in order to make your work great.

Donations Jump in December 

On the other hand, the end of the year can provide a huge bump in revenue for most non-profits. Back In 2013, the Network for Good found that 29% of individuals give in December and that 11% of all individual donations occur in the last 3 days of the year. More recently, Nonprofit Tech for Good found that individuals are 60% more likely to donate during a religious holiday, such as Christmas. This makes December, and especially the last week of December, critical for the continuing success of your non-profit.

I hope these quick tips help you as you plan your December, and stay tuned for next week’s article as we discuss the 8 ways to improve your fundraising copy.