In our world - the world of tech blogs, corporate communications, and everything in-between - 'Enterprise' has traditionally been a loaded term. From the 90s to the mid 2000s, if you said “enterprise” you were probably talking about deep IT/networking hardware or business (CRM or ERP) software).

Important - incredibly important - stuff, but let’s be honest, not what most people would consider 'cool' or 'sexy.' In fact, enterprise technology coverage was mostly relegated to a relatively small number of extremely knowledgeable experts - in some cases, writers who themselves came from IT backgrounds. Enterprise tech had trouble breaking through to mainstream consciousness - even within tech communities. 

That has all changed. The advent of brands like Slack and a myriad of others have put the enterprise in the spotlight as the most interesting thing happening in tech today. 

This was apparent in a recent Business Insider article rounding up 51 enterprise startups to bet your career on in 2018. Calling out innovative enterprise players like NGINX (the tech that supports most of the world’s busiest websites), Skydio (a drone company the writers call the “Facebook of the sky”), and Lever (hiring software), this piece demonstrates the reality of the new enterprise landscape. 

Enterprise has branched out across every category of technology; In 2017, enterprise is everywhere - and it’s cool. 

What is also apparent from the article is that it is no longer just about the tech, it’s about what the company stands for. Today’s experts don’t want gigs, they want careers at companies that matter. Enterprise brands can no longer just be about features, product updates, and corporate statements. 

Instead, today’s top enterprise brands are about innovation and inspiration. It’s a brave new world and we're excited to see how it continues to evolve.