I attended the B2B Marketing ABM Conference last week to learn more about Account Based Marketing and where B2B marketers are in different stages of their ABM journey. It's the word of the moment because it's helping marketers to drive value; 92% of companies employing it as an approach have seen a positive impact on their marketing, according to Demandbase.

The ABM Maturity Maturity Index from B2B Marketing magazine puts a really interesting spotlight on how different marketing and sales teams may be doing it. For many companies there's a long way to go, and even Michael Avis, who spoke at the event from Oracle, showed the honest learning process their team has gone through. In his view, account-based marketing isn't about leads & revenue - it's building the number of advocates for the brand. It takes time to build but it pays off massively when you have an army of supporters recommending you to their networks.  

What ABM highlights is the power of personalised, content but what's interesting is how technology is allowing marketers to scale the success that targeted content drives. Whilst building relationships throughout the entire customer journey lies at the core, the technologies automate that engagement making it simpler. Companies need to have a single source of truth; a centralised platform offering a complete view of relationships and this is where technology is invaluable in holding that data. Equally content platforms like Passle and Turtl allow agile content marketing which helps to nurture relationships and get closer to audiences.

Ultimately, you need to be able to get under the skin of your audience and understand how they're consuming content to be able to target them on a one to one basis. Then you need to be an expert in creating content that will appeal to them, and ensure you have a strategy in place that enables you to continually connect with them. Low level personalisation is no longer enough.