It’s all a bit perfect isn’t it? From the Christmas decorations in each house and the picturesque snow-liked streets, to the beautifully diverse family seen opening their presents with delight. Basically wherever you go it’s a very M&S Christmas but with Paddington Bear and a thief-come-good. Not exactly reality for most people but a nice escape from the norm and does make you feel all Christmassy... but then a bit cringy at the same time.

The timely Paddington tie-up will obviously generate talkability. And the random cameo from Angela Rippon. But for me it’s all a bit too formulaic and perfect to be game-changing.

Basically it comes down to this. If you and your kids like Paddington then this ad’s a winner and it will pay off. But if you’re like me and a little indifferent to the bear it’s not gonna pull those heartstrings which is what it’s meant to do. So a bit of a costly gamble really. I don’t think John Lewis should be too worried.