We have taken a look at this week's news and topics across digital, social, brand and creative. #ICYMI, here is what we found noteworthy: 

Instagram’s Creative Lead Shares 6 Reasons Marketers Should Embrace Vanishing Content

New formats, such as Instagram's disappearing stories that disappear after 24 hours, creates new opportunities and challenges for advertising industry. Here are 6 reasons why marketers should consider vanishing content:

  1. It changes the way you approach storytelling
  2. It’s an experience
  3. It’s flexible yet focused
  4. It’s where people are
  5. It’s a toolbox for creativity
  6. It makes a lasting impression

Facebook attacks Pinterest with ‘Sets’ of posts

Facebook is testing a new feature similar to Pinterest's experience called "sets." Like Pinterest boards, this feature allows users to combine status updates, photos, and videos to share as a themed collection. Facebook could potentially monetize the feature by letting users save a brand's products to their Set.

LinkedIn Wants Its Users to Message Smarter, Not Harder

Though this isn't necessarily a new feature, LinkedIn is now using more AI tools like machine learning and more sophisticated natural language processing to be able to understand the gist of a conversation and how to help keep chat going.

Facebook releases new guidelines to address publisher concerns in its fight against fake news

Facebook is taking the next step in trying to fight false news. With the release of new guidelines this week, Facebook is emphasizing three main areas: meaningful, informative content; accurate, authentic content; and safe, respectful behavior.