'Content is king' - a phrase that no doubt you have heard before; probably even thought or uttered yourself. 

I say it's more complicated than that! I believe that the discovery of content is king

I have noticed that companies overlook the importance of the discoverability of content, focusing too much on what THEY want (increased engagement, boosting site traffic, improving conversion rates) versus delivering experiences that consumers value. To meet their goals, companies analyze search terms and data to anticipate just the right time, when to put content in front of you - usually via an ad. Does the content delivered at that moment have relevance though? Does it have impact? On the contrary. The rise of ad blocking and decline of consumer brand trust, show that audiences are increasingly skeptical of it. 

The future is enabling and facilitating the discovery of content. Discovery is about putting consumer goals first - knowing their journey and providing selfless content with utility and relevance. It is about giving options, showing possibilities and allowing consumers to judge for themselves how the brand fits their needs and into their experiences. Content discovery serves as the vehicle for brand integration into real-world experiences. It opens opportunities. 

By thinking content discovery first, we have an incredible opportunity to impact people’s experiences and future behavior. When useful information is the goal, presented at the right time and right place, people will be moved to trust and take authentic action.