Understanding how consumers feel and their mood when they see an advertisement or marketing content is an aspect of audience engagement that has been largely neglected. Up until now, marketers have relied on recency and the effects of repetition to influence purchase intent, recall and even affect loyalty. 

Mobile advertising platform AdColony conducted a survey of 1,500+ consumers in North America and Europe to understand sentiment at the time of seeing marketing content and how it affects acceptance. Some interesting facts are summarized below: 

75% of consumers were happy to engage with in-app ads

77% of mobile gamers were the happiest 

Social app users were 3.2x more likely to be in a negative mood than the average respondent

Consumer rating of acceptable ad types: 40% video; 22% playable ads; 20% banner ads

Net net of the study is that happy consumers are accepting consumers. It therefore becomes increasingly important to consider the circumstances audiences are in and to anticipate their mood and state of mind. If marketers want audiences to see, accept and recall content online tapping into or avoiding an emotional state is key.