I haven't quite figured out why, but the new ad from Google Express just works. Maybe it's recalling an all-too-familiar scene that takes place in households each and every day. Maybe it's the feelings associated with shopping local and knowing what you're getting that makes it so real. In either case, the ad relates a strong, honest message against Amazon's faceless and emotionless shopping set-up. 

With the customer in the driver seat now more than ever, the retail industry is struggling to adapt to the unique needs of each individual. Global reach with local appeal seems to be a somewhat impossible task. But what is more clear than ever is that relatable, real-life messages in advertising are finally coming back. It's often forgotten that consumers and shoppers are people. We forget things, have opinions, make impulse decisions and belabor topics, all at the same time. We're human and can appreciate when brands respect that. Let's hope we'll start to see more brands and retailers realize that as we head into peak shopping season - a little human touch can go a long way.