The annual ANA Masters of Marketing is taking place this week and Hotwire will be there along with 2,500 iconic brands and industry leaders to talk about how marketing is building value and driving growth for companies of all sizes. While growth is the main theme this year, the conference has sub themes that Hotwire has been talking about all year long – being a challenger, dusty brands and how every company is a tech company (or soon will be). Here are just some of the sessions and CMOs we’re excited to meet.

The Challenger Brand - Maybe it’s because I grew up in Canada and lived in the shadow of America but I always want to be and work with challenger brands. Hotwire itself is a challenger brand in the industry and working hard to be the alternative to big agencies and their stale way of doing business . Grant Thornton has also been a challenger brand – fifth in its category defined by The Big Four. In his Masters of Marketing session, John Harmeling, CMO of Grant Thornton is going to talk about big bets on culture, tech and people that is paying off.

Rebuilding a Dusty Brand - Talk of reinvigorating brands is hot this year with brands like Walmart, Cadillac, State Farm, and KFC on stage talking about how they are transforming their businesses and brands to ensure growth. Walmart CMO Tony Rogers is talking about Walmart’s reboot of a legacy brand and the tensions between what the brand was and what it will become in the face of a massively changing retail environment. Dusty brands almost always have a legacy of innovation and due to market conditions, leadership changes or other factors, they have moved to the back of the shelf and need to reposition themselves for future growth.

Every Company is a Tech Company - Weight Watchers head of marketing, Maurice Herrera, is doing a deep dive into how Weight Watchers rallied amid disruptive technologies. He calls out how the company was at the brink of becoming irrelevant and its transformational journey. Jim Cochrane, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of the U.S. Postal Service talks about how direct mail is being combined with digital marketing which is driving greater engagement with customers. Lane Bryant CMO, Brian Beitler will discuss how his company is combining digital and social to shift the conversation in his industry and make an impact beyond the bottom line.

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