If you are in communications and have more than a passing interest in measurement and evaluation (which you should!),  then you will have known about AMEC's Measurement Month

Led by CEO, Barry Leggetter, the month of September is when AMEC promotes, hosts and shares events across the world to highlight the importance of measurement in our profession. 

It's an incredibly interesting and useful period just because of the sheer number of events that take place and the depth of expertise that is showcased. 

If Measurement Month passed you by, then click on the extract from PRMeasured.com's newsletter or just head over to AMEC's website. There is more best practice and insight into the topic that you can imagine. 

Take a look and dive in. The industry is moving in the right direction and there is a collective will to put the question of measurement to bed once and for all. Anyone who thinks otherwise and who still questions how communications can be effectively measured, needs to get with the programme!

Hat's off to Barry Leggetter and the AMEC crew and to all that took part in Measurement Month 2017. We'll be back with you in 2018. That's a promise.