Hello, my name is Christa and I've attended many Advertising Weeks over the years. *swipes brow* Glad that's off my chest. From dancing on stage with Eve (yes, that really happened) to launching the first line of eco-friendly hanger advertising (I wish I was making this stuff up), Advertising Week has always had a special, albeit strange, place in my heart. But that's likely because it represents the reason why I went into comms in the first place, I'm a sucker for good branding. 

For those of you that live under a rock, Advertising Week represents the once-a-year pilgrimage of all major brands and their armies of brand marketers and advertisers as they descend upon the advertising mecca, New York City, to listen, learn and drink their way through a week of festivities. Each year, the conversation varies little from brand exec to brand exec calling for better or more transparency, relevancy, creativity, measurement like a broken record. As Unilever's CMO Keith Weed held court yesterday he was sure to remind the audience that it's not advertising that's the problem, it's "bad advertising." Yup, got that. But the other masterpiece he proceeded to airbrush was the company's "5Cs framework" - the 5Cs "consisting of consumers, connect, content, community, and commerce." 

In true millennial fashion, my eyes quickly found the back of my head. Why do we need to come up with another useless framework just to focus efforts? What does this prove and where is the action?? Yes, these are all great/wonderful/interesting/important things but instead of spending time on the process, let's actually see some action people. Here's an idea - why not pull in more industry bodies to quantify what that change looks like. Or have brands put their money where their mouths are by donating or serving communities in need. How about getting a "consumer" on stage for a change to talk about what "good" and "bad" advertising means to them - or ask how they've truly connected with a brand in the last 3-6 months? 

So maybe I'm a tad bitter I haven't been able to go to any parties this year but what happened to the big, bold brand moves that make this industry so exciting! Perhaps 2017 has worn us all out a bit...in which case, bring on 2018 - where less talk, fewer "Cs" and more action can finally shake up the wonderful world of advertising.