I'm going there. I'm going to talk about the Kardashians. But you can't help but sit back and be mildly in awe of the PR machine behind the Kardashian 'klan'. 

News just in: Kylie Jenner, 20, is expecting a baby girl. Or is she? Who knows? Momagaer Kris Jenner can neither confirm nor deny the rumours and Caitlynn Jenner is out and out shouting about it. The other sisters have remained surprisingly tight lipped (well as much as their filler enhanced pouts can close) for once, and the mum-to-be is also surprisngly coy. Or is it koy? 

Regardless, nothing is unplanned with this family when it comes to publicity. I admire the PR behemoth behind this family, for the strategically leaked stories and careful management of a definitely-not-staged Snapchat or Insta story. Their lives are executed with military media precision. I'm inclined to bow down (bitches) and worship at the shrine of Kardashian. 

Lessons? Less is more to keep the public guessing and follower numbers growing. A well oiled, slick publicity machine with a clear process needs to be in place, and running efficiently. A firm grip on the latest and best ways to exploit social media platforms is vital. Timing is crucial. Sorry - krucial.