Last month we announced our pop-up expansion strategy in North America and we're already live in Minneapolis. 

As we've mostly worked with tech companies, I get alot of questions about why Minneapolis as a destination for an office. The Twin Cities publication got it 100% right with their profile on Securian and showcasing that tech isn't just for startups and that companies in Minneapolis and around the US are all required to put technology and innovation at the center of their business. 

Russell Reynolds Associates does a regular survey to understand which industries are being disrupted the most by digital (a proxy for tech in this case). In a Harvard Business Review article the results showed that B2C companies are the most disrupted with media, telecoms and consumer financial services all top of the list. 

As innovation becomes the driver for business, companies need a different communications strategy for engaging and interacting with employees, customers, investors and partners. We're going to continue launching pop-up offices around North America and working with companies who are on the path to transformation of their business. We think it's the most exciting story that can be told.