I've led and supported a number of brand development projects and every time, it still feels as if we're making magic. When you partner with a team committed to doing the real work of building a brand, it can sometimes look like a therapy session. To uncover the fundamental truth of a brand, you need to address some uncomfortable questions and peel back many layers. But when you've authentically challenged the very nature of your existence, you come out on the other side galvanized in your vision and mission.

With the launch of Hotwire's new brand last week, I get to experience the magic from a different point of view. Creating a brand is as much about your target audience as it is about who you are as an organization. Being an employee, I am very much a member of that audience Hotwire seeks to resonate with. And as our Group Chief Development Officer Andy West mentioned, this is more than a hot pink logo, it's a new mindset

This new mindset is limitless. It's bold. It's not afraid to challenge the status quo. And I love it. It speaks to me and the kind of work I want to be doing with my clients. It feels true, like any good brand story should. I can't wait for the next brand project to hit my plate so we can make magic together.