Vikram Pandit knows a thing or two about running a Wall Street titan, from his days at the helm of Citigroup. When he says that almost a third of banking jobs could soon be obsolete it's time to sit up and listen. For a hungry fintech company looking to sell AI and automtion tech to the big banks, the situation is more complicated than it sounds. 

First, there's the cultural aspect.  When I left university in the early 2000s, finance was the definition of the safe, sensible, well-paid job (I, of course, went the media route instead - the exact opposite). There is a huge workforce of MBAs, accountants and lawyers at these firms, and they are suddenly facing the real prospect of obsolescence, long before they are ready for retirement. That's not an easy environment for a fintech company to sell into.  

The other perspective is technological: how does the CIO of one of these large organization transition their company towards new tech without wreaking havoc on the current operation? Many predict that bank workforces will stay the same size as tech opens new opportunities. But with tech moving so fast, how can CIO predict what skills will be needed? 

Billions of dollars ride on these questions. For any aspiring fintech company looking to sell to Wall Street - and there are many - this skills perspective is vital to riding this technology wave.