"It's like Uber for cat sitters." "It's like Seamless for crossfit." How many times can we hear about the next new app or tech that is "disrupting" a business model or consumers' way of life?? Yesterday, two ex-Googlers managed to disrupt the entire Unites States with their vision of "disrupting" convenience store shopping, with the launch of an app called Bodega.

The company's goal - though it claims is not to replace the traditional neighborhood bodega - is to provide shoppers with "pantry boxes filled with non-perishable items you might pick up at a convenience store." Anti-immigrant and racial debates aside, the idea of taking on small business in the U.S. as we struggle to band together as one nation, was a poor choice. 

As we've seen before with vending machine type models - see latest rant on Uniqlo - these brands and businesses are missing the point. The purpose of a bodega or convenience store is all about the personalization and customization it offers. By aiming to change a person's behavior, you must be offering a way to make our lives better/easier/more worth it. 

We can't keep getting away from what makes a shopping experience one we wnat to come back to - HINT: it's the EXPERIENCE. Maybe I'm biased being in New York where going to a bodega is a way of life - an experience that defines your character as shaped by your surroundings. In any case, can we please stop "disrupting" for disruption's sake?! Either that or we need to agree that it's a concept we retire (like a lot of things) as we say adios to 2017.