When I learned about the paradox of choice, I had a light bulb moment. Of course, I had experienced it many times myself - give me too many choices and I am likely to not make one at all - but, I had not squarely connected it to how it impacts my marketing plans. From there, I devoured every book on behavioral economics to understand the psychology behind our choices to engage and buy. 

Throughout my exploration of this subject, I have come to the conclusion that if we as marketers help 3 particular conditions come true in a decision-making environment, we can move someone to the desired action. 

1. Be compassionate : Our choices are meant to provide us happiness. We want to feel good; that what we are doing or buying lifts us up. Therefore, highlight the choices usefulness and benefits to the person's overall well-being. Look outside of your product or brand and be selfless. 

2. Add meaning: Similar to providing happiness, adding meaning is about being selfless. But it dives deeper. Something can provide happiness, but not a lot of meaning. A meaningful choice provides a long-lasting effect. Something that enriches someone's life on a fundamental, maybe even unknown, level. So make sure you understand your audience's passions and motivations. 

3. Connect to others: Even when people are trying to enjoy alone time, as humans we are constantly searching to be connected. For us in marketing this means, provide opportunities to validate the choice, to experience it with others, and to share it. Establish that feeling of connectedness.

I realize these 3 things are somewhat intangible, but there are ways to dive into the psychology of your audience...and I find it fascinating.