Just when you thought the future of video advertising was in social media, Facebook's silent and subtitled clips, and YouTube's ever-evolving world of cat videos, TV makes a come-back where it matters most. 


While we're definitely watching more videos on social media than ever before, our attention spans and engagement with that content is considerably lower than when we're watching ads on TV. And it's attention, as we all know, that is core to driving engagement, and in turn, sales. 

This, of course, isn't to say we're all giving 100% of our energy to our TV's all the time, as we also know multiple screens is a real thing and is only going to get more complicated as technology continues to evolve. But rather, that the distractions in the office, on the train, when walking down the street, or on the treadmill when we're watching Facebook or YouTube videos are far greater than the distractions we have at home in our living rooms. 

So, next time your marketing manager informs you TV is old-school, re-visit how you use this platform to actually engage with your customers (even if it isn't through our beloved Like and Share buttons!) and drive sales.