I indeed have been one to call Whole Foods "Whole Paycheck" and for good reason as is called out here. Now it might have been more expensive but you did get good quality food whether you spent time in the amazing salad and deli area for lunch or shopping for your daily groceries. 

Whole Foods is a bit of an experience. My daughter's 3rd grade class even went there for a field trip to understand the lengths they take to provide the quality foods that they do. 

Whereas I wasn't one to frequent Whole Foods often, when I did, it was worth it. On the flip side, I am a daily user (almost) of Amazon. And why? Because of the good pricing and ability to get what I need in a timely manner (without evening leaving my home). So what is going to happen now that Amazon is taking over Whole Foods? 

If they are smart, they will deliver on what Whole Foods started with the support of local farmers and communities, offering top-of-the-line organic and natural foods and a great shopping experience while allowing us to keep more of our paycheck. 

But regardless of what happens, the communications around this will be key. Amazon and Whole Foods need to get out ahead of this. In order to maintain customer loyalty, they need to hear from both sides: the company they have come to love (or hate but want to love) and the company that is taking over to show the commitment to its customers. The message needs to be one that is transparent and real, one that get across that both companies have its customers best intentions in mind and one that is said over and over and over again so people here it and believe it. Let's see what happens.