The new "experiential" customer mindset and behavior is a force to be reckoned with in every industry, causing change and rapid innovation. The convergence of new mobile technologies, VR and AR experiences and platform experiences have lead to a new era of disruption centered around enhancing the customer experience. This presents some of the biggest challenges and opportunities for travel and hospitality industry brands. has a fantastic round up of articles tackling this very subject. The one I most recently read talks about four key disruptors:

Improving the Customer Experience: Imagine an era where you can use data to customize the entire experience for a total frictionless experience. A experience where your hotel automatically knows about your allergies to feathers or that you are traveling with family and need two beds instead of one. 

Consumer Outreach: Mobile now accounts for 3 hours and 17 minutes of an average consumers day. Travel companies have been working hard to step up their mobile experiences -- from Websites to being found on mobile ads. Consumers who share content are becoming the best brand ambassadors for brands. 

Creating and Sharing Experiences: The Journey is now an always on journey. Consumers care more about their travel experiences than they do about finding the right deal. Consumers who share content are becoming the best brand ambassadors for brands. Alternatively, VR is being used as a vehicle for creating excitement and interest around travel experiences that may be farther away.