Smart personal finance management technology is having its moment in the sun, and is definitely one of the buzziest areas of FinTech at the moment. Barely a day goes by without news of investment or expansion for start-ups looking to help consumers spend, manage and save their money.

I love this idea from HoneyDue – not to mention the excellent name (wish I had thought of that). With 20,000 registered users, this app is all about making it easy for couples to annotate expenses and communicate with each other to communicate (explain / grovel) about what they are. Literally no need to talk anymore.

From incremental savings tools like Moneybox to pension dashboard PensionBee, and bill sharing apps like Splitwise – has anyone done any research into how many money management apps any one consumer has on their phone? And then how many of these they open and use regularly, once downloaded?

We’re getting smarter about how we manage our money, but I wonder whether the explosion of niche apps might bring finance fatigue for consumers? Step in the aggregators like, which aims to bring your financial life together in one place, and Curve, which will bundle all your cards into one single Money Hub. Simples - as our favourite insurance meerkat famously declared.

PSD2 will likely prompt another wave of innovation in this arena as banks, advisors and third party service providers battle to be the winner in the personal financial management service battle.

By the end of 2018, I expect “PFM” to be as common an acronym as AI or, dare I say it (while we’re talking about customer data and permissions) – GDPR.